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REAL People, REAL Testimonials

With thousands of successful sessions, here are some of the testimonials that have really stood out during the years. The Triple Vagal Method®(TVMhas worked on resolving both physical, emotional and mental ailments in clients.

Have a look below! 

Ann-Marie, Education Consultant

"I started this work based on the recommendations of my therapist and I've found this work to be life changing. It allowed me to release and let go of trauma and to have access to a deeper layer of my self. I can physically feel the release and feel lighter after the session. And I stopped talking therapy sessions because I've found that this work has provided me with a heightened level of insights and intuition." 

Summer Dustin, Physiotherapy Student, Hostess

"After my car accident, I felt afraid to get into any moving vehicles. I would get panic attacks and freeze through them. I stopped feeling safe in my body and would avoid any trips outside my house. My mom who is a Psychotherapist tried to help guide me, she made me go to see a colleague of hers. I went for weekly appointments for months on end. It didn't really help me. I also had a chronic pain in my lumbar and tailbone that wouldn't subside. A friend of mine who was doing a weekend workshop on The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™) told me to check it out. I researched it first and was sold because the science made sense. After 3 sessions both my physical symptoms and the psychological trauma were almost completely resolved. I hope to certify in this therapy soon."


Chardonnay Charles, Sales Manager

"I was too afraid to even look myself in the mirror, I had come out of a seriously abusive 7 year relationship with a person who constantly told me I was ugly and a failure. Utilizing this modality (TVM), I started to feel good in my body again. I started laughing again, real honest laughter that was really from inside of me. I wasn't trying anymore. I laughed from my soul, and then I realized I could look at myself again in the mirror without fear or pain. I realized I am beautiful. I didn't need to convince myself. I AM BEAUTIFUL! I even took myself on vacation & booked an exotic photoshoot! Thank you for giving me back my life."


"Working with
The Triple Vagal Method® has been incredibly helpful in many ways. I had struggled with porn, excessive masterbation, hyper sexuality and very fast ejaculation when I am being physically intimate with a woman. I came for one session, then felt like I couldn't cope without my sex addictions and wasn't ready to let go of them, so I stopped. I would always book a session but would cancel a few days prior, until my therapist told me it was ok and part of the process. I felt safer about a year later and started to go back to TVM sessions and made a commitment to stick with them. I could feel a real shift within 3 sessions. My primary sexual partner even made a comment. I had no idea trauma can cause sexual disorders like premature ejaculation. I continued with the therapy and I can attest to how much healthier my sex life is now." 

Diana (Alias), College Student 

"In March this year (2020) I was drugged and sexually assaulted by a highschool friend. I felt very sick afterwards both physically and emotionally. I didn't completely understand what had occurred. I tried to speak to a few close friends and most of them said I was overreacting, but deep down I knew I wasn't. I became very unstable mentally, I started hearing voices, I blamed myself and started self harm. I even wanted to commit suicide. I couldn't get out of bed or shower. I felt completely alone and used. A family member noticed my condition and was extremely concerned so I was referred to TVM
since I don't believe in traditional therapy and was scared of being put on medications which I believe mask the problem rather than solve it, but do trust somatic therapy. Within 1 session I no longer felt suicidal and 6 sessions all the above symptoms were completely GONE and I am now a self professed TVM preacher!"

Ashley Lynn, Sales & Marketing Executive

"I highly recommend working with this modality. My therapist recommended trying bottom up somatic therapy for trauma healing, specifically complex post traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD). I wasn't making much progress in my talk therapy, so I decided to try
The Triple Vagal Method®. I was honestly shocked of how much I became aware of during just one session. I decided to purchase a package of sessions and after 5 sessions I feel like a completely different person." 


"I struggled with addiction and have been in therapy for a year to help me cope with the constant relapse. This all changed when I came across The Triple Vagal Method®(TVM™). I no longer crave the substances nor fantasize about it. My life completely changed!" 

Karl (alias), School Teacher 

"What I have been able to feel within 2 sessions of The Triple Vagal Method®I haven't been able to experience in years of therapy. After my son's sudden death, I couldn't stop replaying that event even though I had no part in it, except feeling extreme guilt that he was alone and perhaps I didn't tell him how much I truly loved him. I was suicidal and clinically depressed, perhaps even PTSD. It began to take a toll on my work performance and more so on my wife who was also mourning. I felt like I was now letting her down the same way I may have let my son down. In just 2 sessions my suicidal thoughts were gone. I no longer felt guilt for being alive. Thanks."  Matt S, F1 Mechanic 

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 12.58.25 PM.png

"I had struggled with conceiving for several years, even had unsuccessful IVF treatments. There was no medical reason behind this. After I went to see Maj & received sessions, I came to understand so much can be stored in the body in terms of (traumatic) emotions that can cause physical blocks. I was able to conceive naturally within 2 months of starting this method (TVM). I called my baby girl Juno which means Goddess of birth and fertility." Sophie O'Keefe, Healer

"I have been a UK licensed psychotherapist and counselor for over 20 years. I started looking into alternative therapies that I may adapt to further help my clients. Over the years, I incorporated cranial sacral hands on therapy and also gentle therapeutic massage and also reiki energy healing. There always seemed that a missing piece my clients needed, specifically those suffering from emotional trauma and psychological trauma, PTSD & CPTSD. Surprisingly, that was a very high percent of my practice who were stuck due to trauma. I went on to learn and study Dr. Peter Levines Somatic Experiencing and was looking into Dr. Stephen Porges application of Polyvagal Theory in healing trauma (Safe & Sound Protocol). I am so glad a colleague of mine recommended TVM instead. I had also applied it on myself and finally had the courage to pursue a lifelong dream of adopting a child. I now live in Mexico with my daughter and look forward to help as many individuals seeking out somatic trauma therapy. Trauma informed somatic psychotherapy is an incredibly powerful method of healing trauma. I believe this (TVM™) to be the most effective trauma informed somatic body bottom up approach to healing I have ever come across"


Anna Hamilton, TVM Practitioner 

Elana Maria, Reiki & Theta Healer


"Working with The Triple Vagal Method® has changed my life! This is something my soul has been craving for so long. When I had to leave and couldn't have my sessions at the regular intervals, I truly felt how much I missed them and could see how I stalled a little without them. Thankfully, I finished the sessions to reach a deep state of courage within me to change major elements in my life to the better. I was no longer in fear. I feel free and liberated. I finally chose me and found self love." 


Yousif A.S. Film Director, Therapist

"Before coming into this work I tried everything.. I tried energy healing, I tried cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for years. I had multiple diagnosis, I was on medication I was journaling..It's not that nothing worked, but that nothing got to the root of it like this work did. I was very skeptical when I came across this work (TVM) but it was the last straw.
I came to my first session thinking this was going to be a talking session, but it was the first time that I found that my trauma had home in my body. 

After the first session things immediately started to change. By the second session my life changed drastically. 
This work saved my life! 
In a matter of weeks I was a different person. This work showed me that I am not hopeless. That I am not past saving and my life didn't have to stay the way it was."

Rev. Dr. David J. Carlson

Chaplain (LCDR) at US Navy

"...Maj is a world class therapist & healer....

...Maj is extremely professional & qualified... Every person that I've referred to her practice has had 100% success.. I highly recommend Maj as a world class therapist & healer"


Solana Jenkins, Mother, Grandmother & Charity Volunteer 

"My husband of over 38 years passed away of a heart attack at work. He left the house to go to work and never came back. I was not prepared to say goodbye. It's not like he had a terminal illness, or we had lived the best years of our lives together yet. I thought we'd have more time. I still cry when I think of him and how much I miss him. However, (TVM) helped me tremendously with my grieving process. 

I knew grieving was going to be hard. It was a shock to everyone that knew him. 

I didn't think I could function normally again. It was almost 20 months after his passing that I realized I needed help. We had gone to a marriage therapist during our marriage to resolve communication issues and explaining our needs in a healthy way. But this was different. I went to a grief specialist, and even after about 8 months worth of appointments, I still only showered and brushed my teeth the days of my appointments. 

Our children were very worried about me. I had gained weight, was diagnosed with diabetes, and started to smoke again. I slept with his clothes everyday. I never washed the pillow sheet he slept on because I didn't want to lose his scent. 

It's only after I almost crashed my vehicle for a DUI, that I realized I needed to change and quick. I knew this isn't what he wanted for me. I asked my friend for help, and she recommended The Triple Vagal Method ®. The therapy with (TVM) was very straightforward. I didn't have to think or talk. I just went through something my body was holding onto and letting it go. I don't even know how, but it worked and it worked fast. My physician doesn't understand how, but I am off all medication now and have so much energy that I even started volunteering for a local charity. I know my husband would want me to share what happens, he was always such a generous man. He paid it forward and this testimonial is my way of doing the same."  

Marina Solkisova, Model  

"I had recurring medical infections that had no logical reason. My physician finally said perhaps its psychological or emotional. I had done a lot of CBT sessions with no real solutions. To me, it was a waste of energy and money. A trusted friend of mine recommended somatic therapy with (TVM), after much hesitation, I finally went. After my first session, I realized this is what was missing in my life and my physical symptoms somehow got better. I continued my sessions and then realized it was truly psychological but trapped inside my body. my skin cleared up, my IBS attacks stopped. I stopped the pharmacy medicine. I don't know what to say. It is a miracle?!"


Bob Abernathy, Retired CEO turned Restauranteur 

"My experience with this therapy (TVM
) is excellent. I had suffered for decades with chronic stress, depression, insomnia, and lack of ability to express my emotions to the people that meant the most to me. When I retired, I promised my wife we'd start over into a second honeymoon together and go on a cruise, before we took over the restaurant we just acquired. That cruise was a disaster, and we almost got a divorce. Thats when I finally agreed to go to therapy, but I didn't want to do the talking shrink therapy. It didn't feel good, so my wife found The Triple Vagal Method instead. I was skeptical at first, but after the first session, everything literally changed. I can express my emotions now and actually sleep. I am no longer stressed or depressed. My wife says she finally sees the man she married 26 years ago. I see him too."


"Working with (TVM
) has been incredibly helpful in many ways. I had struggled with porn, excessive masterbation, hyper sexuality and very fast ejaculation when I am being physically intimate with a woman. I came for one session, then felt like I couldn't cope without my sex addictions and wasn't ready to let go of them, so I stopped. I would always book a session but would cancel a few days prior, until my therapist told me it was ok and part of the process. I felt safer about a year later and started to go back to TVM sessions and made a commitment to stick with them. I could feel a real shift within 3 sessions. My primary sexual partner even made a comment. I had no idea trauma can cause sexual disorders like premature ejaculation. I continued with the therapy and I can attest to how much healthier my sex life is now." 


Dagmara Pluta, University Professor, Therapist & Theta Healer

"Very satisfied with this healing modality (TVM
). It helped create emotional, mental clarity and even deeper physical embodiment. I highly recommend (TVM)"



Gabriel, Venture Capitalist Investor 

Gabriel came to the practice because he was suffering from self diagnosed depression, low self esteem, outbursts of rage. He was contemplating spinal surgery and was looking for a new therapist because nothing else worked. He had a physical injury to his back that happened 20 years ago and was in chronic pain. He thought he was destined to live this way. He was suffering because he couldn’t relate in healthy ways due to the chronic pain he was in. This injury at age 18 shifted his life in ways he didn’t envision would happen. He was even admitted into a psychiatric ward for two years at age 19 due to the nervous system spasms that his physicians at the time couldn’t treat. Over time his body went into stiffening calcification of his soft tissue shifting positioning of his spine in the process.

Not only can you see his body is re-aligning itself without any Physiotherapy . His emotional well-being is being restored and sensation has been regained alongside mobility and he is off chronic pain medication for the first time in 20 years.

First session scores were in the 1-2 ranges of life satisfaction, emotional well-being, self esteem etc now after session 5 he its ranging at 8.5-9.5 out of 10 (10 being completely satisfied) 

*Shared with his permission.

Lindsay Jack, Language Teacher

"I recognize that I grew up with lots of trauma and that I was bullied most my life even as an adult. This made it extremely hard to connect and establish any kind of meaningful relationship with anyone. I always felt extremely lonely, even when I lived in like-minded shared homes and communities. I often fantasized about ending it all; because I was simply too broken to be fixed. The Triple Vagal Method changed all that for me. I couldn't believe it at first, but it was hard to ignore that perhaps I was actually safe in the world and that I could love and be loved. I am really grateful and the world is my oyster now."

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 12.02.01 PM.png

Donya Nassimi - Client turned to TVM Practitioner

"I've tried all kinds of different modalities, particularly energy healing.. This work is just magic. It has changed my life! I never thought it would be so easy to change your life and to transform. I didn't have to think so much. I simply don't get triggered the way I used to & I don't behave the way I used to. I found wisdom within me that I didn't know I had. That's why I decided to become a practitioner; So I can extend the same type of healing I received to others. Doing the training and the sessions have both been the best investments I've made in my life."  



"This is extremely hard to share. I am a homemaker. I have wonderful children and a great husband, dare-to-say, live an extremely privileged life and I go to church every week. I have everything I ever dreamed of my whole life. Yet, I couldn't stop fantasizing of driving myself and family off a bridge. The same bridge I'd have to cross multiple times a day running errands. I would tel myself "just swerve really quick, it will all be over in a second". I would hear this voice almost every single day. And I had no idea why I felt suicidal. I went to my pastor, I went to see a psychologist. No one could really help me. My husband felt hopeless. I had severe anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks, that would turn ugly, especially at night. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD stemming from childhood abuse. I went to hypnotherapy, found a specialist that was two hrs away. I NEVER missed an appointment. I was so desperate for a solution, I even went to a psychic healer. Nothing helped. I felt more and more hopeless. My husband moved into another room. I felt my world closing down on me. The more I felt that, the worse the suicide fantasies became. I started searching for other alternative therapies in my area and found (TVM). I was shaking and sobbing in my car waiting in the carpark for my first appointment. The warmth and understanding and shifts that took place that day, changed me forever and the rest is history. I have so much to be grateful for now. It was hard to take the first step, but I am so glad I did. After speaking to my husband and pastor and even sharing this journey with my congregation, I decided to openly share this journey without any shame to absolutely everyone; in hopes of inspiring someone else that may be feeling the way I was and couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I truly believe I was divinely guided by God to (TVM). If you feel uncertain, I am hoping you feel the same peace I have now in my heart that led me here. Maybe this isn't me sharing, maybe this is the Lord's hand saving you."

Andrew Lubbers, US Military Contractor 

"For many years I've Looked for therapists and people to help me with different issues such as anxiety , neck pain and back pain. Whether it was a psychological or physical, many things were left unanswered until I've found this type of trauma therapy (TVM). The transformation was instantaneous because it answered so many questions I didn't know the answers to. I wish I came across this work sooner, it would have saved me so much time looking for a therapist an wondering if I was following their instructions correctly. This work helped me relieve so much tension."

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