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Trauma is not the problem, if you look at nature according to Dr. Peter Levine's Waking The Tiger, animals have trauma on a daily basis. However; they are different than human beings in a sense that they can, for the most part, resolve the trauma so it doesn't get stuck in the body causing an array of emotional & physiological symptoms. 

At the Integrated Somatic Institute (ISI), we believe trauma is not able to resolve as in the animal kingdom because of one thing; that the vagus nerve is being suppressed due to a lack of vagal tone.


To address this, we have applied Dr. Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory into very conscious and precise bodywork to rehabilitate and re-build vagal tone manually. Through this trauma-informed somatic therapy, our clients can heal unresolved traumas while also rebuilding stronger vagal tone.




Never in the history of our evolution, has the nervous system been exposed to this amount of stimulus.

Historically, humanity was evolving at a pace that allowed the nervous system, including the vagus nerve, enough time to evolve and get trained into coping with stimuli to resolve traumas out of the body.

The industrial revolution has seen a rapid development of technology and exposure to an onslaught of stimulus. Look at today's modern-day world for instance. We have human beings as young as infants being exposed to smart screens, in effect bombarding their nervous systems with almost continuous stimulus.

Stimulus is not a bad thing exclusively, however, when it may come at an increased speed that the nervous system isn't capable of coping and discerning, it can and often does, trigger a trauma response in the nervous system.

This combined with a nervous system that hasn't evolved at the same rate as industrialization, has left the human race at a critical disadvantage. We as a species are unable to cope and re-regulate our nervous systems at the same rate our ancestors could.

Historical statistics show us, that never before have we been this medicated, this stressed out and suicide rates keep climbing. We are not thriving as a species as a result. The quality of life is greatly decreased.

Thanks to neuroplasticity, the Triple Vagal Method, works to restore and rehabilitate the trauma response to a stressful stimulus, in effect increasing your vagal tone and allowing your nervous system to catch up with life in the 21st century.

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