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The Integrated Somatics Institute is the home of Quantum Somatics, where quantum medicine and the human body meet. We often refer to our Triple Vagal Method Somatic Therapists as Somatic Artists. We hold the vision that the human body is the greatest technology, and everything we have innovated outside of ourselves is inspired by the technology within. The very technology we are still studying to understand. We are committed to building a long lasting relationship to the body, and all of its very clever and intelligent parts. The body speak a language and we are committed to learning it, so we can spread this level of inner intimacy to all that seek it. This commitment spills into providing the best in person trainings & online home study education courses available in the fields of applied psychology, psychology of the body, psychosomatics & integrated Somatics. 


We believe that every person has the birthright to live free in their bodies and be released from any and all "layers of compensation" whether emotional or physical. We have dedicated ourselves to teaching integrated somatic methods & modalities to anyone; whether they're professional therapists, bodyworkers, psychotherapists, or a somatic enthusiast that is a beginner in the field or anyone who wishes to become a TVM™ practitioner. 

Why "Somatic"?

The term "somatic" refers to body-oriented or body-centered therapy. Somatic therapy is an expansive, emerging, multi-faceted field that affirms the inseparability of mind, body, and spirit, and works with a bottom-up approach - addressing and solving issues starting in the body, rather than the mind. 

Somatics draw from the psychology of the body which sees the mind revealed not only in relational styles, dreams, and cognitions, but in neuro-physiology, posture, gestures, movement, bodily tensions and more. In somatic therapy, we explore the therapeutic possibilities of somatic roads to the unconscious and healing, while still honoring the wisdom of general psychology and psychotherapy through expanding and contributing to it.



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Our Vision

We believe healing and knowing the goodness of life is our nature and birthright. Our training mission is dedicated to making high quality, result-oriented therapy available to all who seek it. 


Our Mission

To provide accessible healing and transformation through online and in person trainings internationally, to empower both practitioners and clients through sustainable healing. 


Because the body and mind aren't separate. We are indeed one interconnected being. It's not just about mentally knowing your blockages; it's about actually feeling them to truly transform & heal. 


Founder & Lead Facilitator


Maj is the founder & director of the Integrated Somatic Institute and the intellectual developer & owner of the Triple Vagal Method (TVM™). She is a highly compassionate therapist and international educator in the fields of Psychosomatics & Healing.


Her main passion has always been to find a way to effectively heal her own traumas, alongside her clients'. She had suffered with CPTSD, depression and other personal crisis like a failed first marriage and seeing her two children (Jacob & Jenna) suffer due to inheriting generational trauma. This made her passionate about dedicating her life to the path of true and sustainable trauma healing. The desire to feel true liberation & inner peace inspired her to fuse Eastern holistic modalities with neuroscientific theory & bottom-up psychology. As a result of extensive studies, countless trainings and years of practice in her therapy center, the Triple Vagal Method was born.  


In her teaching and counseling, she integrates over 20 years of experience in psychology, spiritual practices, leading healing & educational trainings and retreats into a powerful cauldron for rapid transformation.


Her mode of delivery combines humor & lightheartedness to easily shift the harder blocks smoothly. She consistently gets 5 out of 5 star reviews in her trainings feedback.

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