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Serena Amoroso

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

Life is simple: We’re here to Love and be Loved. We THRIVE when we are intimately connected to ourselves, others and the world around us. 

I’m here to support you in creating loving, juicy relationships and a life full of magic and meaning.

After a decade of experience in the healing arts, I know that TVM is the missing piece in your healing, transformation and self-development journey.

Working with me you receive a unique combination of TVM and my experience in yoga, reiki energy healing, meditation, breathwork, psychedelics, sensuality + erotic arts, relationship coaching and sound healing. This synergy will unlock your wholeness and radiance in unimaginable ways.

You’re in the right place. I’ve been waiting for you. It’s time you experience the Love you desire.

Are you ready to remember the Truth of your heart and live the life you crave? Send me a message and let's get started.

IG: @serenavamoroso 

Telegram: @serenavamoroso

Serena will be traveling, practicing and teaching in the US, Mexico and Bali this year.

Serena Amoroso
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