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Pippa Downs

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

They say that we grow up to be the hero our inner child needed and in my case that’s definitely true. I had a difficult and traumatic childhood after losing my father at a young age and in finding my way through the pain, I felt called to use the skills and experience I developed on my own healing journey to help others. This manifested itself in a varied career working in social services with disadvantaged children, refugees, homeless people & people with mental illnesses. I loved the work but seeing friends, family and clients struggling with persistent complaints, I always felt that there must be a missing piece that would make true healing possible without the years of therapy, treatments and medications. 

I took the decision to travel to Mexico on my own journey of healing and first received a TVM™ session in the mountains of Oaxaca, instantly feeling my whole body light up as it was finally being met, held and understood. This soon led to me training as a TVM™ Practitioner and going on to complete the TVM™ Pelvic Floor training, TVM™ Advanced Practitioner, TVM™ Educator and TVM™ Pelvic Floor Educator training. I have spent more than 500 hours studying and training with Dr. Maj Zachari and am super excited to pass on the skills and knowledge I’ve learned with this incredible modality. 

TVM™ has completely changed my life: I have experienced a personal and professional uplevelling that I could never have dreamed of. I discovered the missing piece of the puzzle to recovering from trauma with TVM™ somatic therapy and I'm honoured to be teaching this medicine so that you can help yourself and others heal as well.

Pippa is practicing and teaching in Europe and Central America.

Instagram: @innersagesomatics

Pippa Downs
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