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Marjolein Puype

TVM™ Practitioner

Marjolein is a certified Triple Vagal Method practitioner offering somatic trauma healing. She sees trauma as the main reason for disconnection, anxiety, depression, attachment wounds and other emotional and physical blockages. Healing trauma at its roots is an important and much needed step in order to transform the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body.

During TVM sessions she guides the body to release trauma by resetting the nervous system. The space created is one for full safety of feeling, expressing and releasing what is blocked and hidden inside. Clients who received TVM healing notice changes in their nervous system; from having greater confidence and being less triggered, to feelings of security, joy and (self)love.

“Fourteen years childhood trauma had been guiding my life, relationships and decisions. Painful emotions were buried under layers of unconscious patterns. This ‘freeze’ in my nervous system was protecting me from ever again feeling abandonment, loss and betrayal. My life and relationships got stuck in anxiety, low self-worth, and self-sabotage.

Thanks to years of CBT therapy, EMDR and psychoanalysis I gained awareness and tools. Still when triggered, the same loops of emotions, thoughts and behaviour would reappear. Big shifts only happened after TVM sessions. Triggers softened. Hypervigilance transformed into surrender. I could finally trust people for being a source of love instead of pain.” - Marjolein

The Triple Vagal Method is a mainly physical therapy, yet recipients of TVM benefit when they are intuitively felt and seen on a deeper level. When tuning in to the receiver during regular sessions,

Marjolein finds deeper insights to explore of what is being processed in ones body-mind connection.

This sheds a light into areas of inner shadows and behavioural patterns.

Couples aiming to transform their relationship in a profound way benefit from TVM as well.

Unresolved childhood trauma affects ones attachment style – the way we relate, engage or disengage with others. As this is energetically being expressed in the nervous system, Marjolein can support the healing of the core wounds leading to dysfunctional relating.

“The Triple Vagal Method did not cross my path to only heal me, but to heal humanity. I became a practitioner to guide people back to their essence of life.” - Marjolein

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Marjolein Puype
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