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Maddie Louise Brown

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

I've always been deeply fascinated by the human mind and how it functions, and after studying psychology and embarking on an eight-year self-study journey, I've found both what I was looking for and so much more than I could have ever dreamed. A mind that no longer governs me, a body to which I am intuitively attached, an endless love for life, a nourishing love for myself, and an abundance and fulfilment in each blessing of each moment. My awareness, clarity, focus, and motivation are all rapidly increasing, I'm better equipped to realise my objectives and dreams every day, and my relationships and intimacy with life are fulfilling and priceless. My enthusiasm and excitement flow out from me, and when my emotions wash through me like clouds, I am in complete control of how I respond. My mind no longer attacks me with the kinds of stories it formerly did. I am deeply grateful for life and everything it has to offer; I now understand my purpose and am living my best life.

I had reached a spacious place within myself and have a magnificent tool belt of gifts to share with others as a ceremonialist facilitator, reiki master, and student of yoga, meditation, and trauma therapy. I had a deep calling to learn TVM, which I listened to instinctively and followed. Ever since, everything has been clear to me. The best present I could have given myself was a calm nervous system, which I can now graciously  share in co regulating with others. Practicing TVM is like returning to your true self. I firmly believe that enlightenment means having a balanced nerves system and a mind devoid of the stories and traumas kept in the body. I support this technique because I really believe in its effectiveness; you can only contribute in moving toward a brighter life going forward. If you choose to take this next step, I'm here to listen, offer any advice, and help you out along the way that I can.

I provide TVM pelvic floor, which enhanced intimacy, boundless openness, and a greater connection to oneself. Once more, I share this technique because it helped me so much and I want to provide it to everyone because we all deserve it.

Blessings for the journey ahead. Madison Louise.

Maddie practices in Mazunte, Mexico, and often travels to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

+52 954 100 3771

Maddie Louise Brown
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