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Jess Schroeter

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

Jess has been passionate about caring for people all her life. Even though her career took her into different directions to express this care - most recently in the food industry, cooking for a small community in the beautiful Kootenays in BC, Canada - she has finally found her calling in somatic healing work. A yoga teacher of over four years, she knows how deeply the body and the mind are interconnected, and has been able to gather amazing experiences through others' journeys with yoga, and other healing modalities. 

TVM has opened up a whole new perspective of somatic healing for Jess, and she is deeply moved by the results this incredible method is showing within very short time frames - in herself as well as her clients. Dedicated to creating a safe space for the people she works with, she's forever humbled by the amazing courage, and willingness to show up she's witnessing in her clients and other practitioners, and feels honored by every person entering this healing journey with her. 

Jess is originally from Germany, where she's lived most of her life, until moving to Canada in 2015. Traveling is very much part of her life - wherever the call to offer her gifts from the Divine takes her, she will follow. Anchored in spiritual practice as well as having grown up in a predominantly cognition-backed coaching environment gives her a strong, grounded foundation in both the spiritual and the psychological realms. An eagerness to learn and strong urge to b of service allow Jess to truly delve into her client's stories - whether those are coming from the body, the mind, or the soul. The aim ever being to help you find your way back home to yourself. 

Jess is currently practicing online, and in Herdecke, NRW, Germany.

+52 667 252 5675

Jess Schroeter
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