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Isa Kamala

TVM™ Practitioner

Isa is a certified somatic trauma therapist, meditation guide, (hridaya) hatha and tantra yoga teacher. She is a very gifted healer and incorporates her spiritual abilities and intuition into her sessions. Due to her refined sensitivity, she is able to rapidly tune in to others and offer specialized guidance for their healing and personal development.

Isa Kamala's born name is Elisabeth Winderickx. She chooses to work under the name Isa Kamala because she feels great resonance with Kamala and the symbolism of the lotus flower. Kamala means lotus in Sanskrit and shows how from our deepest pain, beautiful gifts can blossom. The lotus flower represents compassion, transformation, and spiritual enlightenment.

In her teenage years, Isa struggled with an eating disorder that continued to plague her in her adult life. The need for healing drove her to halt her career as a biomedical engineer and Isa devoted herself fully to the path of meditation, yoga, and metaphysics for over 5 years. During this time she completed various trainings on different healing modalities and over 15 silent meditation retreats. She is also an experienced facilitator with a vast knowledge of plant medicine.

After these experiences, she was left with a deep desire to share her expertise on a larger scale to help people heal and contribute to the elevation of consciousness. Consequently, she decided to pursue an international MBA from ESADE and McGill.

Isa is the co-founder and meditation lead of Lucid Monk, a retreat organization in the Netherlands that facilitates high-dose psilocybin sessions and retreats in collaboration with clinical psychologists. These retreats are fully legal such that support can be offered to people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depressive mood disorders.

With Lucid Monk, Isa facilitates deep healing and incorporates somatic approaches such as holotropic breathwork, meditation, hatha yoga, sensation awareness, embodiment exercises, tantric practices, authentic relating, and tension & trauma release therapies.

Before moving to Europe, Isa was living in a community in Mexico where she worked as a teacher at Hridaya, a well-known meditation and yoga school. She also worked as a tantric massage therapist to facilitate the healing of sexual trauma in women and strengthen the mind-body connection. In addition, she is very knowledgeable about Western Astrology which she incorporates into her sessions.

When she came into contact with Majda and the Triple Vagal Method she was blown away by the efficacy of the technique and the speed of the results. Through this method, Isa was able to work through unresolved trauma that she had been carrying since infancy. This inspired her to learn directly from Majda and become a TVM practitioner to offer this profound healing modality to her clients.

During her sessions, she provides a safe and loving space in which all of you is welcome without judgment.

Isa also practices in Brussels, BE, Barcelona, ESP, and Berlin, GER.

+32 472 422 403

Isa Kamala
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