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Eva Kolarova

TVM™ Practitioner

Eva is a certified Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Transformational Facilitator, Trauma-Aware Embodiment Coach, and TVM Practitioner.

Eva is Originally from Czech republic, yet at the age of 14, she left her home country to pursue her passion - dance - and since then she has lived in many countries, living a nomadic life. She is usually in Montreal, Canada and at the moment she is based in Mazunte, Mexico.

Eva worked as a professional dancer and choreographer, performing all over the world for many years. She teaches all sorts of dance/embodiment workshops, has created her own dance project base company, and produces shows in Canada.

Since she always worked with her own body, she became fascinated by its own wisdom.

"For a few years now what interests me the most is trauma work and how one can heal trauma on all the levels; body-mind-spirit. Because for me that is the key to everything. If we address the core, the deep wounds, our shadows, and stop living on an autopilot program which was most likely created by traumatic experiences we went through in our life, how free can we become?

Freedom is the way I want to live, to not be a slave to my mind, to be able to make choices instead of just reacting. To be fully present, live a conscious life, and be a vessel of the universe.

What is my biggest wish is that we can all live this way, and support each other on our journeys to freedom.

For me the key to healing lies within the body. That’s why most of my practice is somatic bodywork. I am here to hold a safe space, where you can allow yourself to just be. Together, we will go deep within, allowing healing and radical transformation, in all parts of your being.

From my heart to yours." - Eva

+52 951 203 7029

Eva Kolarova
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