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Emily Flaherty

TVM™ Practitioner

Emily Flaherty is a long-time practitioner of healing modalities, with over 12 years of experience. She has found joy and depth in studying the body-mind and heart/spirit connection. She's a huge advocate for healing holistically where possible.

Emily is a Yoga and meditation teacher as well as a holistic therapist of various styles, which over the years she has tailored to create a wholehearted nourishing experience for all her clients. She runs workshops and retreats in addition to helping people daily in her home studio in the UK.

Emily's TVM™ training is a new and exciting addition to her current work where she has a huge passion for reaching out to the larger community to people who may not otherwise be able to access this sort of healing. Emily is a trauma-informed practitioner and extends a wealth of compassion through her own direct experiences.

She currently practices in Yorkshire, Huddersfield, UK.

Emily Flaherty
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