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Dr. Whitney Colm

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

Dr. Whitney Colm is a gifted healer renowned for her calming, angelic touch and profound understanding of the nervous system. Her transformative journey began in 2010 when she delved into chiropractic graduate studies, igniting a passion for deeply understanding and working with the intricate vibrational frequencies of the nervous system.

Whitney has pursued advanced chiropractic techniques that revolve around understanding and optimizing the unique nervous systems of her clients. She is the founder of Mother Me Chiropractic, established in partnership with Dallas Birth Center, in Texas. Her expertise in vibrational and physical healing was instrumental in serving pregnant mothers, babies, children, and laboring mothers. Whitney has attended births at home, hospital and birth centers as a chiropractor and doula, providing physical and emotional support to laboring mothers.

Whitney’s commitment to personal growth and self-discovery is remarkable. For over 14 years, she has immersed herself in extensive self-growth trainings. Most recently, she has been attending transformative dark and silent retreats, somatic healing trainings, and emotional intelligence trainings . These experiences have enriched her understanding of herself and the human experience, amplifying her ability to guide others in healing the self.

As an Advanced Practitioner of the Triple Vagal Method, Whitney has honed her skills to provide profound trauma healing sessions that support deep healing and re-programming of the nervous system.

Whitney currently holds sessions with clients in Austin, Tx. She also travels to retreat centers and holds private healing retreats around the world.

Dr. Whitney Colm
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