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Corinne Rice

TVM™ Practitioner

I’ve been passionate about feeling better and living longer for the last 16 years. I’ve spent countless hours sifting through research, trying to understand how to live to be over 100 while still thriving. My passion is teaching others that we don’t have to go out diseased and in pain. 


It wasn’t until just recently that I realized that healing the nervous system is the missing piece that not many people are talking about. I believe if we truly want to thrive and achieve optimal health, we need to resolve unprocessed trauma and clear the stagnation that comes along with it so that our bodies have the energy they need to heal and detoxify. Without a balanced nervous system, we’ll only get so far, no matter how well we eat or how much we exercise. 

Please message me on WhatsApp to schedule.

Corinne practices in Puerto Escondido, MEX and Austin, TEX, US.

+01 405 971 4523 

Corinne Rice
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