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Antwan Martin

TVM™ Practitioner

I served as an Army infantryman in Iraq in 2003-04 and then spent the next fifteen years dealing with social confusion, fatigue, emotional distress, and digestive issues. Years I spent exploring every different method I could find to bring my system back into balance.

I found that somatic awareness trainings, psilocybin journeys, being mirrored by my community, and Polyvagal Theory each brought clarity to why I felt the way I did. And they each helped me become more available to the most powerful medicine missing from my life: loving human touch.

Learning the Triple Vagal Method has given me a way to take all the wisdom I’ve earned on how to bring my body back to a place of safety, playfulness, integrity and social connection, and to use my hands to deliver that experience to others.

+1 646 598 7147

Antwan Martin
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