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Alice Harvey

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

Alice is a Certified TVM Practitioner here to hold space for others to recover sovereignty over their body and life. In everything she does she brings her heart-centred, research-informed approach to guide others into a place of deep rest, release, and regulation, rekindling the connection to the body and whole self through the therapeutic touch of TVM.

With a background in Social Anthropology and Medical Research, Alice has long been fascinated by the impact of culture and past experience on how we relate to our body and the world around us. 

Alice came across TVM by chance in her own healing journey. After 5 TVM sessions she felt a profound reconnection with her pelvic region. With an embodied knowing of the efficiency and effectiveness of TVM, she decided to train in the modality. Since then, every training she undertakes and every client session she offers, she continues to witness and experience the profound effects of the modality in enabling true embodiment.

Alice has completed over 400 hours of training and mentorship with the modality’s founder Majda Zachari, including Pelvic Floor, Advanced, and continues to co-facilitate trainings with Majda and other lead TVM facilitators.

Currently, Alice offers 1:1 TVM sessions and group trainings/retreats to help others learn TVM. Alice invites you to get in touch to find out how you might best work together. She will be practicing in Mexico, US, UK, Europe, and Indonesia this year.

Alice Harvey
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