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Fri, Sep 20


Location is TBD

TVM™ Practitioner Intensive Training 7 Day In-Person and 200 Hours Online

Recently audited as the best nervous system regulation training & modality, TVM™ comes once again to the USA. Join us in Sedona, Arizona September

TVM™ Practitioner Intensive Training 7 Day In-Person and 200 Hours Online
TVM™ Practitioner Intensive Training 7 Day In-Person and 200 Hours Online

Time & Location

Sep 20, 2024, 9:00 AM – Sep 29, 2024, 7:00 PM

Location is TBD

About The Event

200-Hour Online and 5-Day In-Person TVM™ Practioner Training

Integrated Somatic Institute

Upon registration, you will receive access to the 200hr online training, predominantly hosted by the founder of the Integrated Somatic Institute, master and creator of TVM™, Dr. Maj.

Go on a self-paced journey with Dr. Maj and other advanced practitioners and TVM™ educators to discover the intricacies of this world-changing method. Along with pre-recorded classes, case studies, reading material, and interactive exercises, you will also have access to live educational calls with Dr. Maj twice a month for 12 months.

Online training curriculum covers the following:

The syllabus was designed to be a robust and comprehensive framework to introduce key

concepts in bottom up somatic therapy and becoming a licensed TVM™ Practitioner.

TVM™ is a science backed, results based approach to healing the nervous system &

building vagal tone. By signing up to this training, you will gain one year access to this online

training and lifetime access to the think tank drive, so that you can learn at your own pace and revisit the content as often as you like.

Modules & Units

Module 1: Introductions & Welcome!


● Introduction to TVM™Practitioner Training

● How to utilize trauma informed adult education

● What is trauma informed therapy

● Intro to TVM™

● Ethics in therapeutic settings & relationships

Module 2: Somatics & Polyvagal Theory


● Intro to somatic therapy, bottom up approaches & psychology of the body

● Intro to trauma from a body perspective

● Working with the body

● TVM™ : Why fascia? Why oxytocin?

● Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang1 (theory)

● Understanding polyvagal theory within a TVMTM framework

Module 3: The Human Body


● The bodily anatomy of trauma

● Intro to basic anatomy

● Understanding Oxytocin & other hormones

● Intro to neuroscience, genetics and traumas impact on health & wellbeing

● Visual somatic body readings

● How to touch the body

Module 4: TVM™ Applications


● How to conduct a TVM™ session

● How to conduct an online/ hands off TVM™ session

● Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang 2 (practical)

Module 5: Psychology of Trauma & Behavior


● Key psychological theories around trauma

● Early years & Childhood trauma

● System interruption & emergency measures

● Intro to Gestalt therapy

● Trauma & addiction, TVM™ adaptions

Module 6: Biohacking & Setting Up a Therapeutic Practice


● How to set up a trauma informed therapy practice

● Trauma healing & supportive epigenetic bio hacking protocols

Who is this training retreat suitable for?

-Anyone who is interested in self development, nervous system regulation, somatic embodiement and expansion of consciosuness.


- Completion of Module 1 & 2 of the online training

- Maturity and compassion, as this is trauma-focused work

- Commitment to personal development

About the 5-day in-person Intensive with Dr. Maj, Dr. Whitney Colm & Serena Amoroso, Alice Harvey, Cathy Dam, Richard Casteel

Spred over two weekends with the capacity to add on more training days.

Official Days: Friday September 20th, Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd & the following Saturday September 28th & Sunday 29th

Optional Add on Days:  Monday September 23rd & Tuesday 24th

This 5-7 Day in-person training led by Dr. Maj Zakari, Dr. Whitney Colm & Serena Amoroso, Alice Harvey, Cathy Dam, Richard Casteel

This in-person training takes place in TBD space in and will be partially filmed for a documentary on nervous system healing and expansion of human consciousness.

This 5-7 Day intensive will be a deep dive into developing our skills in the hands-on aspect of this modality. Working deeply with the body and learning how to apply techniques; we will tap into our energetic intuition, connect to our somatic experience, identify where trauma is located and how to release it from the memory of the body.

We will cover:

-How to conduct a hands on TVM™ session

- Acceleration & slowing down of processes

-Learning how to switch off Sympathetic nervous system responses (The Sympathetic Switch off)

-How to work between the different neural networks to create rapid vagal tone

-How the neuro networks of the mitochondria communicate

-How to work the different lines of fascia and what each of these lines hold

- Oxytocin Serotonin Protocol

-How to trigger central nervous system rapid coherence

-How to conduct a hands off TVM™ sessions & online TVM™ sessions

-Building your own vagal tone and resiliency to hold bigger processes with your clients

-Inner intimacy expansion of consciousness

-Emegency measures

All of this and much more in the most comprehensive training & retreat to heal & support the nervous system with TVM™ founder Maj Zakari, TVM™ advanced practitioners Whitney Colm & Serena Amoroso & a select group of experienced TVM™ practitioners.

Our goal is to ensure you receive the most comprehensive training available in the USA today, acquire the skillsets to conduct a very successful and safe TVM™ sessions with clients. you will be able to walk away with a multi-dimensional tool kit as a TVM™ Practitioner.


  • Access to the 200 online training with 24 live calls with Dr. Maj over the course of 12 months.
  • Daily somatic movement classes and nervous system regulation practices in the morning - so we can start our day grounded and regulated and learn new ways to fully arrive in the body.
  • Included in the ticket price daily cacao elixirs.
  • Delicious vegetarian lunch served fresh every day.
  • ALSO includes having access to the global TVM™ Think Tank Telegram Group where hundreds of TVM™ practitioners and Advanced Practitioners and TVM™ Educators meet to share information and questions and are consistently guided by Dr. Maj, the creator of this modality.


to be determined.

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation is not included in this training. There are a variety of options for accommodation.

All prices include a certification of completion, TVM™ teachings, one year access to TVM™

online training, capacity to be listed on the institutes website as a certified practitioner of the

modality after completion of assessment, capacity to become an affiliate with a certain code

to generate referral commissions for trainings, capacity to co-host trainings with the institute

after competition of advanced training.



  • Early Bird

    +$199.98 service fee
  • Regular

    +$249.98 service fee



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