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TVM™ Intensive Training & Retreat August 17th- 31st

TVM™ Intensive Training & Retreat August 17th- 31st
TVM™ Intensive Training & Retreat August 17th- 31st

Time & Location

Aug 17, 2024, 4:00 PM – Aug 31, 2024, 11:00 AM

Göcek, Göcek, Fethiye/Muğla, Türkiye

About The Event

Time & Location

August 17th, 3:00 PM – August 31st, 12:00 PM

Huzur Vadisi Retreat Centre, Turkey

Event details

BY APPLICATION ONLY. EVENT IS OPEN. APPLY AT: or visit for more information.

Triple Vagal Method® Trauma Informed Somatic Bodywork 200 hour Online learning programme + 2 week Inner Alchemy In-person embodiment and immersion experience with Maddie and Pippa.

TVM™ is returning to Europe!

Europe family, if you have been thinking of training with us for a while or have only just discovered the magic of TVM™, now is your chance to undergo a unique and accelerated training with us to heal your own traumas and become a somatic therapist of theTriple Vagal Method™ all in the beautiful retreat setting of Huzur Vadisi in the mountains of Turkey.

This comprehensive training program offers the ideal combination of flexible self-paced online learning and immersive hands-on practice and in-person mentorship. Blending the 205 hr online course - consisting of lectures, videos and online assessment - with in-person training and practice, you will acquire the expertise and experience necessary to share this transformative healing modality with others.

The in-person intensive training retreat will allow you to put theory into action, apply the skills you have acquired through the online modules, and receive real-time feedback and guidance from your experienced instructors. By incorporating practical exercises, demonstrations, and group discussions, this course ensures that you can integrate your knowledge at a deeper level and gain confidence in your abilities.

Learn TVM™ with Inner Alchemy Retreats by Pippa and Maddie

Learning the Triple Vagal Method™ in itself is relatively straightforward. The art form lies in having the level of self-trust and inner intimacy that you hear the whispers of intuition and feel confident following in the direction of the innate wisdom that lies in the fabric of your being. This is how you access the healing energy that is all around to know which part of your client’s body needs attention and when. This is where Inner Alchemy Retreats come in.

Inner Alchemy Retreats with Maddie and Pippa are thoughtfully designed to give you the time and space outside of the routines and restrictions of your day-to-day life to create new rituals, disarm the habits of impulsive reaction created by trauma and shine the light of your conscious awareness on the deep-seated beliefs and limiting patterns of thought to unlock the healing power that is already within you.

The training will be held at the beautiful Huzur Vadisi retreat centre nestled In a secluded mountain valley, surrounded by pine forest, Huzur Vadisi is nestled amid olive and fig groves. It is an oasis of peace in natural surroundings. At night the valley is dark, revealing all the beauty of the night sky. Huzur Vadisi’s setting brings a deep connection with the natural world that immeasurably enhances the process of nervous system regeneration.

This is the perfect environment to immerse yourself into the space and recalibrate the nervous system as you feel the transformational effects of this powerful healing modality.

In order to take part in the TVM™ Turkey Training Retreat, participants will be required to complete the first two modules of the online training prior to the training retreat. You will then enter an intensive trauma healing container where you will receive live instruction and guidance from experienced TVM™ Educators on theory and application of the Triple Vagal Method™. The training retreat will include live call ins from TVM™ founder, Dr. Maj Zakari.

You will have the opportunity to practice TVM™ every day and will both give and receive sessions, making this a powerful healing opportunity on your own healing journey.

Overview - Why TVM™?

The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™) is a revolutionary somatic approach to releasing trauma from the body by inducing a therapeutic level of oxytocin, breaking down calcification of the fascia, and regulating the nervous system to build resilience. TVM™ is a modality that gives you measurable physical results and psychological results faster than anything out there. Working directly, safely and efficiently with the nervous system, TVM™ uses the intelligence of your body and its innate desire to optimally restore itself; releasing stress and trauma from the body & mind.

Trauma healing and building vagal tone supports a thriving human experience in virtually every way, everything from healthier bodies, stronger immune systems, less stress, capacity to make better decisions & a larger cognitive capacity to name a few. In fact, many may say it is the foundational prelude to absolutely every other successful & thriving experience or condition an individual can have. This training lays down the foundations of trauma & trauma healing through what may be the most effective bottom up approach; TVM™.

In-person practical training curriculum.

This curriculum has been designed to build on the foundational elements learned in modules one a two of the online training, giving you an embodied understanding of the Triple Vagal Method and its potency in healing trauma safely and effectively, before you do a deeper dive into the more complex theory in the later online modules.

  • Each morning there will be an optional guided inner intimacy practice to help you cultivate your relationship with the consciousness within, empowering you to become a more embodied practitioner.
  • There will be optional evening activities provided on some of the nights, such as sound healing and singing circles.

What you will learn at the Inner Alchemy Training Retreat:

  • How to connect to the consciousness within
  • How to touch the body
    • Bedside manner
    • Tuning into the nervous system
    • Practicing consent
  • Practical introduction to TVM™
  • Introduction to trauma healing and resistance
  • Introduction to oxytocin
  • TVM™ addiction protocol
  • Introduction to fascia & how trauma is stored in the body
  • Introduction to fascia lines and stacking
  • Principles of Chi Nie Tsang and introduction to the organ layer
  • Organ layer massage practical
  • Body Reading - Visual Assessments / Visual somatic body readings
  • Practice creating a strategy based on body reading / intake form
  • Psychosomatics and how the inner voice impacts your body
  • Intuition vs fear and how to recognise it
  • The art of space holding for yourself / others
  • Introduction to childhood trauma
  • Introduction to attachment styles
  • Connecting to the inner child
  • The voice of trauma & getting off the hamster wheel of trauma
  • Romantic relationships and trauma
  • Introduction to nonviolent communication
  • Recognising trauma patterns in relationships
  • Introduction to grief and loss, and how to integrate it
  • Supervised hands-on TVM™ practice
  • Time for integration
  • Guided journaling sessions
  • Daily inner intimacy practice
  • Guided movement practice
  • Receive TVM™ sessions from Advanced TVM™ Practitioners
  • Multiple Q&A sessions with Dr Maj Zakari, leading expert in the field of trauma healing and founder of TVM™

Following on from the retreat, you will be required to complete the remaining modules of the online training and 16 practice sessions in order to achieve certification. There will be ongoing support calls from Pippa, Maddie and/or Maj every fortnight for 3 months after the training, giving you the chance to deepen your connection with your fellow trainees and lean into the expert guidance of your dedicated team of TVM™ educators.

By immersing yourself in this transformative learning experience, you will foster a greater understanding of trauma and its somatic manifestations, and gain hands-on experience of using the tools of TVM™ to release trauma from the body, empowering you to support others on their healing journey.

The online training curriculum can be found below.

Online training curriculum

The syllabus was designed to be a robust and comprehensive framework to introduce key concepts in bottom up somatic therapy and becoming a licensed TVM™ Practitioner.

TVM™  is a science backed, results based approach to healing the nervous system & building vagal tone. By signing up to this training, you will gain lifetime access to this online training so that you can learn at your own pace and revisit the content as often as you like.

Modules & Units

Module 1: Introductions & Welcome!


  • Ice breaker & introductions
  • Introduction to TVM™ Practitioner Training
  • How to utilize trauma informed adult education
  • What is trauma informed therapy
  • Intro to TVM™
  • Ethics in therapeutic settings & relationships

Module 2: Somatics & Polyvagal Theory


  • Intro to somatic therapy, bottom up approaches & psychology of the body
  • Intro to trauma from a body perspective
  • Working with the body
  • TVM™ : Why fascia? Why oxytocin?
  • Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang1 (theory)
  • Understanding polyvagal theory within a TVM™  framework

Module 3: The Human Body


  • The bodily anatomy of trauma
  • Intro to basic anatomy
  • Understanding Oxytocin & other hormones
  • Intro to neuroscience, genetics and traumas impact on health & wellbeing
  • Visual somatic body readings
  • How to touch the body

Module 4: TVM™ Applications


  • How to conduct a TVM™  session
  • How to conduct an online/ hands off TVM™  session
  • Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang 2 (practical)

Module 5: Psychology of Trauma & Behavior


  • Key psychological theories around trauma
  • Early years & Childhood trauma
  • System interruption & emergency measures
  • Intro to Gestalt therapy
  • Trauma & addiction, TVM™ adaptations

Module 6: Biohacking & Setting Up a Therapeutic Practice


  • How to set up a trauma informed therapy practice
  • Trauma healing & supportive epigenetic bio hacking protocols

Who is this training retreat suitable for?

-Anyone who is interested in healing and transforming trauma!

-All levels of practitioners, somatic therapists and bodyworkers!

-This training is also a personal healing and transformative retreat!


- Maturity and compassion, as this is trauma-focused work

- Commitment to personal development

- Commitment to the path of healing

All prices include the 4 month online learning programme, 2 week Inner Alchemy retreat including food and accommodation, certification of completion, TVM™ teachings, 1 year access to TVM™ online training, lifetime access to the TVM™ Community Thinktank, capacity to be listed on the Institute’s website as a certified practitioner of the modality after completion of assessment. LIMITED SPACES.

Payment plan available upon request.

Financial assistance available upon request.

Retreat information

The investment includes 1 year access to the TVM™ online programme for self-paced learning, fortnightly support calls for 3 months post-retreat, access to the TVM™ Think Tank, plus the 2 week in-person retreat including accommodation and meals.

Prices do not include travel expenses, travel insurance, room upgrades or any other external expenses outside the course format.

€5,500 for shared room

€6,200 for private room

Payment plan options are available.

€500 early bird discount when you book by 24/2/24!

We are delighted to offer a limited number places as partial bursary for those who are ready to commit to the training but do not have the financial means to do so.  We ask that if applying, you do so because you are in genuine financial need and we will ask you to consider yourself against a number of key criteria.


Meet your facilitators

Dr Majda Zachari - Founder & Lead Online Educator

Maj is the founder & director of the Integrated Somatic Institute and the intellectual developer & owner of the Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™). With the online course you will have access to 205 hours of recordings of her classes and teachings on the theory behind the Triple Vagal Method and its application. She will also be digitally dialing in throughout the in-person training retreat to provide expert insight and give the opportunity for participants to directly ask any questions about their learnings to the founder of the modality.

A highly compassionate therapist and international educator in the fields of PsychoSomatics & Healing. She has studied with institutes like SOAS; University of London, University of Hull & Bellevue University. She also holds numerous certifications and trainings from Stanford University and the Gestalt Institute, and has studied ancient healing methods in bodywork, meditation, tantra, silent retreats and embraced various spiritual practices.

Her main passion has always been to find a way to effectively heal her own traumas, alongside her clients. She had suffered with CPTSD, depression and other personal crises like a failed first marriage and seeing her two children (Jacob & Jenna) suffer due to inheriting generational trauma that made her passionate about dedicating her life to the path of true and sustainable trauma healing. The desire to feel true liberation & inner peace inspired her to fuse eastern holistic modalities with neuroscience theory & bottom up psychology. As a result of extensive studies, countless trainings and years of practice in her therapy center; the Triple Vagal Method® was born.

In her teaching and counseling, she integrates over 20 years of experience in psychology, spiritual practices, leading healing & educational trainings and retreats into a powerful cauldron for rapid transformation. Her mode of delivery combines humor & light heartedness to easily shift the harder blocks smoothly. She consistently gets 5 star reviews in her trainings feedback.

Pippa Downs - Lead Retreat Educator

Pippa is a passionate and empathic educator who brings insight from her career in mental health, somatic healing and adult education to provide powerful healing and learning experiences for those who choose to engage with this beautiful modality. She will be Lead Educator for the in-person training, calling on her experience leading committed souls through transformational educational experiences by delivering profound impactful wisdom with an open heart and light hearted sense of play.

They say that we grow up to be the hero our inner child needed and for Pippa that’s definitely true. After a difficult and traumatic childhood marked by the loss of her father at a young age, she was called to transmute her pain into purpose and offer the insights and she developed on her own healing journey to help others. This manifested itself in a varied career working in social services with disadvantaged children, refugees, homeless people & people with mental illnesses. Pippa brings an expansive awareness and perspective to her work, and is passionate about creating safe spaces to give a voice to the voiceless, whether that be the vulnerable groups left behind by society or the inner child and abandoned parts of the self that are desperate to be heard.

Disillusionment with an individualistic society and narrowmindedness in Western medicine, and a desire to seek a profound holistic healing to led Pippa on a journey to the mountains of Oaxaca where she first received a TVM™ session, instantly feeling her whole body light up as it was finally being met, held and understood.

This soon led to her training as a TVM™ Practitioner and going on to complete the TVM™ Pelvic Floor, TVM™ Advanced Practitioner, TVM™ Educator and TVM™ Pelvic Floor Educator training. Having devoted herself to the magic of this modality and spent more than 500 hours studying and training with Dr. Maj Zachari, she is extremely grateful and excited to be welcoming new trainees into these immersive Inner Alchemy retreats to pass on the skills and knowledge she has learned and open the door to a world of possibility, free from the shackles of trauma.

TVM™ completely changed Pippa’s life: affording her a personal and professional uplevelling she could never have dreamed of. With TVM™ somatic therapy, she discovered the missing piece of the puzzle to recovering from trauma and is honoured to be teaching this medicine so that you can help yourself and others heal as well.

Madison Brown - Lead Retreat Educator

Maddie has always been deeply fascinated by the human mind and how it functions, and after studying psychology and embarking on an eight-year self-study journey, she found both what she was looking for and so much more than she could have ever dreamed. A mind that no longer governs her, a body to which she is intuitively attached, an endless love for life, a nourishing love for herself, and an abundance and fulfillment in each blessing of each moment.

Her awareness, clarity, focus, and motivation are all rapidly increasing, she is better equipped to realize my objectives and dreams every day, and my relationships and intimacy with life are fulfilling and priceless. Her enthusiasm and excitement flow out from her, and when her emotions wash through her like clouds, she is in a good amount of control of how she responds. Her mind no longer attacks her with the kinds of stories it formerly did. She is deeply grateful for life and everything it has to offer; she now understands her purpose and is living her best life.                                                                            Maddie has reached a spacious place within herself and has a magnificent tool belt of gifts to share with others as a ceremonialist facilitator, reiki master, and student of yoga, meditation, and trauma therapy.

She had a deep calling to learn TVM, which she listened to instinctively and followed. Ever since, everything has been  clear to her. The best present she could have given herself was a calm nervous system, which she can now graciously share in co regulating with others. Practicing TVM is like returning to your true self. She firmly believes that enlightenment means having a balanced nervous system and a mind devoid of the stories and traumas kept in the body. She supports and teaches this technique because she truly believes in its effectiveness; you can only contribute in moving toward a brighter life going forward.

Inner Alchemy retreats with Maddie and Pippa.

Our mission is to help you discover the truest expression of your authentic self, behind the layers of compensation your body and mind has cleverly built up to protect you from trauma. With these untruths and defence mechanisms lovingly questioned, examined and disarmed. Inner Alchemy Retreats are a powerful blend of the approaches of Maddie and Pippa,

This 4 month training is made up of a self-paced online learning programme plus a 2 week in-person retreat to consolidate the skills you’ve learned and give an embodied understanding of the modality. The hundreds of registered TVM Practitioners that are changing lives all around the world are proof that  you don’t have to be in therapy for years to heal and it's also entirely possible to activate your healing capacity and become a somatic therapist in a matter of weeks. Learning the Triple Vagal Method in itself is relatively straightforward.

The art form lies in having the level of trust and inner intimacy with the self that you hear the whispers of your intuition and feel confident following in the direction of the innate wisdom that lies in the fabric of your being which knows which part of your client’s body needs attention and when. This is where Inner Alchemy Retreats come in.

Inner Alchemy Retreats with Maddie and Pippa are thoughtfully designed to give you the time and space outside of the routines and habits of your day to day life to create new rituals, disarm the protective layers of impulsive reaction created by trauma and shine the light of your conscious awareness on the motivations and root causes of limiting patterns of thought and action.

Inner Alchemy retreats are deeply profound experiences aimed at facilitating rapid rehabilitation of the nervous system, deep inner intimacy and connection to self, source, community and your higher calling.


  • Shared Room

    +€137.50 service fee
  • Private Room

    +€155.00 service fee



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