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Vídir Hallgrímsson

TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

Vidir has always been interested in people, intimacy and improving the lives of others. His childhood led to the need to selfheal, at a time in his country where the knowledge of trauma healing was almost unheard of. Thus, his was a path of self-exploration as well as diving deep into the mechanics of the human nature in the context of trauma and healing - and what was missing in the contemporary understanding in this field at the time.

He has worked and learned with people like Gabor Maté, Tanya Maté, Isaac Shapiro and many others on his path.

He has experience with various energetic practices, like breathwork, yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, plant medicine, human design, circling – surrendered leadership, authentic relating…

In his TVM practice he brings together his experience and knowledge and offers an intimate container to guide people into and through their pain points, facilitating healing in the body and beyond.

Vidir has the ability to connect deeply with his clients and facilitate insights and breakthroughs through his gift of recognizing the hidden patterns that play out in people’s lives, relationships and psyches.

Vidir practices in Rejkjavik, Iceland, as well as Calw, Germany.

WA: ‭+49 (0) 176 10868270‬

Vídir Hallgrímsson
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