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Sylvia Marazzato

Sylvia, a somatic sexologist, recognized early on that trauma resides and manifests in the body. She understood that without addressing and ultimately healing the nervous system, no relational experience, particularly those with partners or lovers, would undergo meaningful change.

Trauma, whether conscious or unconscious, profoundly shapes every facet of life. After exploring various modalities, Sylvia discovered TVM and immediately recognized its potential as a path forward. She particularly values its ability to facilitate insights arising from the client themselves, untainted by external influences, simply reconnecting them to their essence, which makes every session uniquely profound.

Healing our wounds not only brings personal peace but also contributes to a collective transformation, potentially altering the course of humanity. It's a journey back to love.

Continuously striving for self-improvement, Sylvia enriches her practice by integrating ancient wisdom from the Mayas, sexology, tantra, counseling, and diverse experiences she has encountered throughout her life, resulting in holistic and well-rounded sessions. 

Sylvia's passion lies in reconnecting people with their inner knowing, their purpose, and what they came here to do.

Sylvia Marazzato
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