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Lena Ströhla

TVM™ Practitioner

Lena is a holistic practitioner who is passionate about nourishing and embracing the whole being from the inside out. Through her work with the Triple Vagal Method®, she offers a safe container for deep rest, transformation, and release. She is compassionate and dedicated to support and empower those on their own healing journey. 

Throughout the past 10 years of self-exploration and healing, Lena has been diving deep into practices of yoga, meditation, silent retreats and different therapeutic healing modalities. When TVM™ crossed her path, she experienced a profound power of the method on her body and nervous system, making her feel closer to her natural self. Since then, she strives to share TVM with others and to create a space for healing rooted in her calming and grounded presence. 

Lena has an academic background with a PhD in Food Design and Consumer Behavior, and is a certified yoga teacher as well as a plant-based chef. She has a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between the external world (environment, food…) and our physical and mental health. As a yoga teacher, she completed various trainings and workshops on vinyasa, yin, embodied anatomy, hatha yoga, tantric sacred sexuality, and shiatsu. 

Languages: English, German

Lena practices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Köln, Germany.

+45 50 25 51 31

Lena Ströhla
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