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Katey Wheelhouse

TVM™ Practitioner

Katey Wheelhouse spent 15 years as an Assistant Director in Hollywood working on major motion pictures and TV shows. While fulfilling in many ways, she found it to be an unhealthy work/life balance.

Recognizing that her yoga practice brought balance, self connection and peace into her life, each year found her spending less time on film sets and more time on her yoga mat, completing over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. She dove deeper into her holistic endeavors and found her true gift of healing touch through Thai Massage.

Now a Sunshine Network Thai Masseuse, she has furthered her body work education with trainings in Craniosacral and Cranial Manipulation.

Katey now combines the Triple Vagal Method with Thai Massage. The two modalities blend together perfectly to bring her clients the Vagus Nerve toning of TVM and the energy line movement of Thai Massage.

She is currently based in Denver, Colorado, and often travels to Los Angeles, California.

+1 310 401 3015

Katey Wheelhouse
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