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Crystal Rainbow Mort

TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

Crystal Rainbow has developed her natural healing capacity through the yogic path, honoring truth, beauty, healing, joy, and love. Crystal Rainbow is straightforward and direct, she holds a clean and safe energetic space knowing that this is the solid foundation needed for transformative healing. She commits to her work as a healer with integrity, transparency, kindness, and determination. She carries training in massage therapy and TVM and yoga and meditation backed by lots of experience sharing these practices and a few more. She is also available for mentoring and coaching practitioners. 

Going deep within herself, to the pain and joy, the shadow as well as the light, gave her the capacity as a healer—to hold space for your healing and development. The years of bodywork and dance reinforced an innate connection to her body, which is how she understands what your body wants in order to release trauma and heal.  

Crystal Rainbow is a healer who looks forward to helping you hold every part of yourself with compassion. Please contact her with any questions and she will be happy to answer them or request an appointment, if you feel called! With love and joy, Crystal Rainbow is here to serve you.

Total Skill Set

  • TVM Practitioner and teacher w/ Pelvic Floor Training

  • Yoga

  • Tantra

  • Sacred Feminine Practices

  • Massage Therapist for 15+ years

  • Hand Drawn Meditation yantras

  • Breathwork guide

  • Creates Personalized transformation practices dedicated to your goals, capacities, and available energy

Crystal practices in Seattle, Washington.

Crystal Rainbow Mort
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