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Bryan Quinet

TVM™ Practitioner

Where am I coming from ? 

My name is Bryan, born in Belgium from a Belgian mother and Nigerian father. 

I am a certified body therapist, movement instructor and story teller. 

Raised by a freshly converted Christian mother, life was complicated at home and the church ways wasn’t according with my vision. So at a very young age, I left behind the comfort and safety of my home, church and cocoon to venture into new realities. This new freedom allowed me to explore, play and truly experience life on a deeper level. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a superhero but modern society's expectations and domestication crushed that fantasy. However, my rebellious nature sought truth in a world devoid of sacredness, needed to escape by any means. 

How did i came into this type of work ? 

An accident i had at the age of 12 has been my first unconscious attempt to escape and disconnect from my self and truth in order to fit in society. I wanted to be like everyone else, taking in the normalization and following the masses. This fitting in lasted for my entire teenagers years, where I had to keep my mind busy and far away from the scary depth of myself. 

This path, slowly took me to my sweet dark night of the soul. Nothing made sense anymore, taste, flavors and colors where fading with my truth. 

However, socializing and a strong inner relationship saved myself from diving too deep and identify with the darkness, meaning losing myself. I’m so grateful for all the support I received in those darker days of my life.

In the past four years, my journeys were primarily aimed at finding a cure and achieving a state of well-being. As the travels progressed, my focus shifted towards researching and exploring various remedies for healing. The experience brought me closer to understanding the importance of self-care and taking care of one's physical and mental health. In hindsight, my explorations proved to be a transformational journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


This path I've been walking on since the two last years, as been what I like to call the "valley of shadows". The work has been intense, so much emotions came back on line, coincidences, incredible encounters, beautiful souls and miracles have showed all along the way. And this, I believe has everything to do with me surrendering and getting out of the way of life to occur in my best interest.

I feel now ready to share this heritage of mine with the world, or at least the part of it that I have already uncovered. Because so much is still waiting behind the veils of the domesticated mind that I still have. 

Are you wanting to awaken you potential ? Are you ready to do the work ? 

I would Love to support you in your process, let's get in touch, you can find my contact details on my website or directly here, looking forward to meet you. 

Bryan Quinet
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