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Amy Devani

TVM™ Practitioner

Amy is a professional yoga alliance certified advanced yoga teacher, meditation and

pranayama teacher, tantra yoga teacher, trained vitalist herbalist, and Triple Vagal

Method somatic practitioner. She also has an organic skincare business that is

committed to natural radiance, inner and outer, and loving-care of the planet.

Amy’s passion is to help people find peace in themselves, to live a life of harmony,

vitality and purpose. She is continually studying and deepening her knowledge and expertise to best serve and support her clients. Amy provides a safe space of

compassion, presence and an open-heart.

“TVM continues to astound me with is proficiency and ability to help people, to

soothe and tone the nervous system and to help the body let go of traumas that it

has carried for years. I am deeply grateful for this therapy in my life and feel blessed

to be able to offer it to others.” - Amy

Amy practices in NSW, Australia, as well as Koh Phangan & Chiang Mai, Thailand.

+61 439626203

Amy Devani
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