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Valentyn Korotkevych

Level 2 practitoner

Valentyn is an energy worker (Reiki), intuitive empath & a filmmaker venturer in his past.

For years creative expression has been a healing modality of his pursuit. Weighing both sides of the narrative, finding the balance in between, leaning into harmony to embody the balance through the dance of polarity & hinges of duality. With art being his first critical teacher to look into the depth of human psyche & it’s behavior & he spent years training as an actor, following numerous techniques & practice, that trained his eye to become intuitively sharp in addressing the core of the situation & now approach of TVM gives him ability to provide space to heal, hold space & witness transformation.

“Being raised by a single mother, it’s been a consistent struggle for me to be in touch with my emotional inner world. With a lack of childhood attention, I was not aware at the time, that I was not wired for regulation within myself. In simple language, my system went in a shut down mode, forcing me to be extremely shy & detached from my peers. My immediate family didn’t have tools to support me on the journey of self-discovery, only attempting to provide a narrative of tries & errors. By the end of the day, it took years to come in terms & realize that the gap of guidance was a teacher of its own to find the deep calling.As a person of today – I am passionate to learn the wisdom of allowing, witnessing, surrendering, exploring what empathy & compassion truly means & stands for in the ever-evolving world & each of us as a crucial component of it”. - Valentyn

Valentyn Korotkevych
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