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Joel Reuben Ganz

Level 2 Practitioner

Moving Body Massage resulted from a marriage of his reactions to the experience of bodywork, his fascination with the complexity, grace and beauty of the workings of the human body and the awareness of both the magical and practical realities involved.

Having worked as a professional actor for over 20 years, he has learned a lot about the demands we place on our bodies, and what we need to do to create and maintain balance. Joel trained in France at a school focused on physical theatre, movement, and creation. There he gained great insight into how the body works and how best to move through space for both dynamic and practical ends. Together with the client, he does a full evaluation of both occupation and lifestyle along with the goals in seeking massage therapy, to tailor an experience that is right for each individual. Be it pure relaxation, improved body dynamics, or focused work to alleviate a condition. This work can be beneficial for everyone, as it helps recognize areas where we are blocked, and works to release the body to its full potential.

Joel Reuben Ganz
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