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Fri, Aug 30


Playa del Carmen

TVM™ Practitioner Training & Pelvic Floor Trauma Healing Training

Intensive TVM™ training and TVM™ Pelvic Floor to understand & heal the structural and emotional trauma of the pelvic floor and subsequent emotional & structural neurological lines traveling through this neurological highway of memory & information.

TVM™ Practitioner Training & Pelvic Floor Trauma Healing Training
TVM™ Practitioner Training & Pelvic Floor Trauma Healing Training

Time & Location

Aug 30, 2024, 7:00 PM – Sep 14, 2024, 11:00 PM

Playa del Carmen, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

About The Event

About The Event 


Become a TVM™ Practitioner & TVM™ Pelvic Floor Practitioner

Limited Spaces to 10 Trainees

This is a combination training of the The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™) & the very sought after TVM™ Pelvic Floor training. 

TVM™ is a revolutionary body based approach to releasing trauma from the nervous system and completing the trauma cycle while releasing Oxytocin and breaking down calcification of the fascia all the while reducing the levels of Cortisol (stress hormone) in the body.

The pelvic floor is the second diaphragm (perhaps the original if we look at it from an evolutionary stand point), it holds many anatomical structures together and also hosts our reproductive organs. The area is complex and extremely sensitive as its rich with nerve endings and also connects to the Vagus nerve, also hosting visceral and fascia tissue. Stored trauma here can severely impair an individuals health both physically and emotionally, and effect somatic movement and compromise posture, mobility and range of motion.

The amount of healing that can occur when releasing trauma from this area is life changing to many, this is a great opportunity to learn how to support clients in this area and also experience the healing first hand as you benefit from the retreat element of this intensive training.


Maj Zachari, the founder and developer of the Triple Vagal Method is the lead facilitator in this training.

Teacher assistants and co-facilitators TBD.


The Triple Vagal Method® (TVM™) is a revolutionary somatic approach to releasing trauma

from the body by inducing a therapeutic level of oxytocin, breaking down calcification of the

fascia, and regulating the nervous system to build resilience. TVM™ is a modality that gives

you measurable physical results and psychological results faster than anything out there.

Working directly, safely and efficiently with the nervous system, TVM™ uses the intelligence

of your body and its innate desire to optimally restore itself; releasing stress and trauma

from the body & mind.

Trauma healing and building vagal tone supports a thriving human experience in virtually

every way, everything from healthier bodies, stronger immune systems, less stress,

capacity to make better decisions & a larger cognitive capacity to name a few. In fact, many

may say it is the foundational prelude to absolutely every other successful & thriving

experience or condition an individual can have. This training lays down the foundations of

trauma & trauma healing through what may be the most effective bottom up approach;


In-person practical training curriculum.

This curriculum has been designed to build on the foundational elements learned in modules

one a two of the online training, giving you an embodied understanding of the Triple Vagal

Method and its potency in healing trauma safely and effectively, before you do a deeper dive

into the more complex theory in the later online modules. Each morning there will be an optional

guided inner intimacy practice to help you cultivate your relationship with the consciousness

within, empowering you to become a more embodied practitioner. 

First pre-training call - 1st week of week of August

- Introductions

- Sharing

- Q&A related to Module 1 of the online training

Second pre-training call - second week of August

- Check in and sharing

- Q&A related to Module 2 of the online training

- Introduction to fascia & how trauma is stored in the body

A sample schedule will be shared with you, exact flow may vary, however; this is the content that will be covered.

Following on from the training, you will be required to complete the remaining modules of the

online training and 16 practice sessions in order to achieve certification. 

There will be

ongoing support calls every fortnight for 12 months after the training, giving you the chance to deepen your connection with your fellow trainees and lean into the expert guidance of your dedicated team of TVM™ educators.

By immersing yourself in this transformative learning experience, you will foster a greater

understanding of trauma and its somatic manifestations, and gain hands-on experience of

using the tools of TVM™ to release trauma from the body, empowering you to support

others on their healing journey.

The online training curriculum can be found below.

Online training curriculum

The syllabus was designed to be a robust and comprehensive framework to introduce key

concepts in bottom up somatic therapy and becoming a licensed TVM™ Practitioner.

TVM™ is a science backed, results based approach to healing the nervous system &

building vagal tone. By signing up to this training, you will gain access to this online

training so that you can learn at your own pace and revisit the content as often as you like.

Modules & Units

Module 1: Introductions & Welcome!


● Ice breaker & introductions

● Introduction to TVM™ Practitioner Training

● How to utilize trauma informed adult education

● What is trauma informed therapy

● Intro to TVM™

● Ethics in therapeutic settings & relationships

Module 2: Somatics & Polyvagal Theory


● Intro to somatic therapy, bottom up approaches & psychology of the body

● Intro to trauma from a body perspective

● Working with the body

● TVM™ : Why fascia? Why oxytocin?

● Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang1 (theory)

● Understanding polyvagal theory within a TVM™ framework

Module 3: The Human Body


● The bodily anatomy of trauma

● Intro to basic anatomy

● Understanding Oxytocin & other hormones

● Intro to neuroscience, genetics and traumas impact on health & wellbeing

● Visual somatic body readings

● How to touch the body

Module 4: TVM™ Applications


● How to conduct a TVM™ session

● How to conduct an online/ hands off TVM™ session

● Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang 2 (practical)

Module 5: Psychology of Trauma & Behavior


● Key psychological theories around trauma

● Early years & Childhood trauma

● System interruption & emergency measures

● Intro to Gestalt therapy

● Trauma & addiction, TVM™ adaptions

Module 6: Biohacking & Setting Up a Therapeutic Practice


● How to set up a trauma informed therapy practice

● Trauma healing & supportive epigenetic bio hacking protocols

Who is this training retreat suitable for?

-Anyone who is interested in healing and transforming trauma

-All levels of practitioners, somatic therapists and bodyworkers

-This training is also a personal developemnt, healing and transformative training


- Maturity and compassion, as this is trauma-focused work

- Commitment to personal development

Whats included:

All prices include a certification of completion, TVM™ teachings, one year access to TVM™

online training, capacity to be listed on the institutes website as a certified practitioner of the

modality after completion of assessment, capacity to become an affiliate with a certain code

to earn referral commissions for trainings, capacity to co-host trainings with the institute

after competition of advanced training. 

Whats not included:

Accommodations, meals. 

*Catered lunches can be purchased at an additional cost. 


Payment plan available upon request.

Financial assistance available upon request.


  • Early Bird

    Sold Out

    +$117.50 service fee
  • Regular

    +$142.50 service fee
  • Financial Assistance

    +$62.50 service fee
    Sold Out



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