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Sat, Sep 24



TVM™ Practitioner Online Training

You asked and we delivered! This is our first online cohort training of TVM™ Practitioners.

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TVM™  Practitioner Online Training
TVM™  Practitioner Online Training

Time & Location

Sep 24, 2022, 12:00 PM CDT – Nov 05, 2022, 11:00 AM CST


About The Event

With over 150 hits on average a day, and requests from 28 countries and counting. We have decided to launch our online TVM™ training! This is a comprehensive 105hrs of trauma somatic therapy training.



Trauma healing and building vagal tone supports a thriving human experience in virtually every way, everything from healthier bodies, stronger immune systems, less stress, capacity to make better decisions & a larger cognitive capacity to name a few. In fact, many may say it is the foundational prelude to absolutely every other successful & thriving experience or condition an individual can have. This training lays down the foundations of trauma & trauma healing through what may be the most effective bottom up approach; TVM™.

The syllabus was designed to be a robust and comprehensive framework to introduce key concepts in bottom up somatic therapy and becoming a licensed TVM™ Practitioner.

TVM™  is a science backed, results based approach to healing the nervous system & building vagal tone.

Modules & Units

Week 1

Module 1: Introductions & Welcome!


  • Ice breaker & introductions
  • Introduction to TVM™  Online Practitioner Training
  • How to utilize online education
  • What is trauma informed therapy
  • Intro to TVM™
  • Ethics in therapeutic settings & relationships
  • 1hr Live Call

Week 2

Module2: Somatics & Polyvagal Theory


  • Intro to somatic therapy, bottom up approaches & psychology of the body
  • Intro to trauma from a body perspective
  • Working with the body
  • TVM™ : Why fascia? Why oxytocin?
  • Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang1 (theory))
  • Understanding polyvagal theory within a TVM™  framework
  • 1he Live Call

Week 3

Module3: The Human Body


  • The bodily anatomy of trauma
  • Intro to basic anatomy
  • Understanding Oxytocin & other hormones
  • Intro to neuroscience, genetics and traumas impact on health & wellbeing
  • How to touch the body
  • 3hr Live Call (Volunteer Needed for Practice)

Week 4

Module4: TVM™ Applications


  • How to conduct a TVM™  session
  • How to conduct an online/ hands off TVM™  session
  • Intro to somatic Chinese medicine & Chi Nei Tsang 2 (practical)
  • 3hr Live Call (Volunteer Needed for Practice)

Week 5:

Module5: Psychology of Trauma & Behavior


  • Key psychological theories around trauma
  • Early years & Childhood trauma
  • System interruption & emergency measures
  • Intro to Gestalt therapy & family constellations
  • Trauma & addiction, TVM™  adaptions
  • 2hrs Live Call

Week 6

Module6: Biohacking & Setting Up a Therapeutic Practice


  • How to set up a trauma informed therapy practice
  • Trauma healing & supportive epigenetic bio hacking protocols
  • 2hrs Live Call

Note: content of modules & units subject to change & shift in schedule. This is a general outline for guidelines purposes only.


-I don’t have experience with online training, can I still join?

We will cover how to be a trauma informed online adult education student in order to maximize your learning experience and gain the most successful training utilizing an online platform.

The training will be conducted via pre recorded videos, audio lectures, workbooks, suggested additional readings and live video interactions with the facilitators to accommodate worldwide time zones.

-I want to join the live classes, what will be the time zone?

Each scheduled live will have multiple streamings on the same weekend to accommodate different zones. Live video interactions with the facilitators & TVM™ Advanced Practitioners will be easily available monthly post trainings for additional Q & A and extra support.

-Can I practice TVM™ after this training?

This is an opportunity to become a certified TVM™  practitioner upon successful passing of both a written assessment, interview and then practical assessment.

-What happens if I don’t pass my assessment the first time?

Additional assessments can be scheduled for an assessment review fee of $300.

-What is the weekly time commitment to this training?

We suggest a commitment of 8-10hrs per week.

-How soon after the training can I have my assessment?

In order to schedule an assessment you must have finished 20 documented sessions, this usually takes individuals about 3-4 weeks to complete on average. As soon as you’re ready for an assessment you can directly contact any of the facilitators or support team to schedule you at the earliest convenience.

-What are my requirements in order to participate in this training?

You will need a volunteer for some of the exercises, lessons and live trainings (You will be notified of these dates upon enrolling).

A comfortable space to work from.

A massage table or a yoga mat.

A commitment to the training.

Potential printing of intake forms & declaration documents if you prefer that to digital forms.

-I don’t have any experience with bodywork, can I learn how to touch the body online?

Yes you can. As a trauma informed body based approach, we have successfully trained individuals who preferred not be touched or minimally touch others. We taught them through thorough communication, ability to guide them to feel sensation and depth, and monitored results. We were able to also heal the trauma around touch to all these individuals by the end of our trainings.

-I am not a therapist or have any trainings in somatic therapy, can I still join?

Yes absolutely, we have enough information that within our trainings both licensed therapists, bodyworkers, neuroscience educators, somatic therapists & educators have learned so much information that still was easily digestible to individuals with no background on any of these subjects.

The syllabus was designed to be a robust and comprehensive framework to introduce key concepts in bottom up somatic therapy and TVM™ .

-Will I be able to get a discount if I join an in person training in the future?

Yes, absolutely. We will offer you a 80% off all futureTVM™ in person trainings to supplement your education and experience.

-What does the scheule of calls look like?

There will be two live calls every weekend to support our international trainees in their respective time zones. You are welcome to hop onto any one of these that may suit your  training needs.

Saturdays at UTC +8 for Hong Kong, Asia & Australia

Sundays at GMT +5 / 12 noon EST For Europe, Africa & the Americas

-Is this a self paced training?

You can study with the cohort, or at the groups own pace, to honor trauma infoemd education, as such content will be uploaded at the pace of the group. Lives will continue to be available twice monthly thereafter cohort cloeses for a period of 4 months or 16 weeks for extra support and to answer any questions, offer clarifications, etc.

-How is this training delivered?

Once the training starts, you will receive content for you to study for that week at your own pace (honoring the cohorts pace of learning as not to overwhelm everyone with all the content all at once, which also means some days/weeks will be slower with uploading) with a suggested time commitment to do this. The training will have live calls and pre recorded videos, reading material, training workbook and audio lectures. You will have access to the lives as a recording once they are done.

-What if I'd like to join in person training after the online training, is there a discount to do that?

Yes. We are offering a 60% off in person training for all online trainees for life. 


  • Early Bird

    Valid till August 18th 2022

    +$99.98 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Regular

    +$124.98 service fee
    Sale ended



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