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Sat, Jun 15


Zoom Call

Pelvic Nervous System Masterclass

Our Pelvis holds access to major lines of somatic fascial information, including major neurological grids. Join us on this 4hr mini dive into the nervous system & psychology of our Quantum Creative Portal.

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Pelvic Nervous System Masterclass
Pelvic Nervous System Masterclass

Time & Location

Jun 15, 2024, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Zoom Call

About The Event

The scientific world is moving towards quantum medicine in a rapid pace. We know that quantum entanglement happens in our eyes, ears and in our brain. We also know it happens in a cellular level. What research has started to investigate is the quantum creative computer that is our pelvis and all the technology that is alive within our bodies. If you take a moment to reflect that this is the space humans emerge from, it does hold a significant importance for our creative process from energy into matter. From code to human biology and physiology. If this area of our bodies is heavily calcified, disassociated from, disconnected from, hurting emotionally or physically, we may not be in full alignment with our guest nature, nor would we feel safe, or stable in the world.

In this evidence based, scientific research referenced, psychology of the body 4hr masterclass, we will cover the following:

-Learn about the concept of the Pelvic Permission, and how it can change your perception of the pelvis

-Learn about the psychology & intelligence of the pelvis

-Learn about the unique fascia of the pelvis

-Learn about the lines of fascia that run through the pelvic floor and their significant emotions, stories and subsequent traumas that may get stuck and entangled there

- Learn how to customize the healing and embodiment approach for Penis, Testes, Prostate, Vagina, Vulva, Cervix, Uterus & Ovaries physiology

- Learn about physical and emotional trauma and its impact on developing & worsening scar tissue

-Learn about how imbalaces in the pelvic floor & pelvis impact our posture, movement, sexual and motor function 

-Learn about the impact hormones have on the way the nervous system responds to stimulus and codes information and subsequent impact on energy and dominant emotions

-Learn strategies on how to maximize your creativity based on these hormonal shifts

We will also explore the layers of consciousness that reside in the pelvis and explore blended TVM pyshology approaches to healing and activating the pelvis & pelvic floor.

We will also go through a very powerful somatic practice that activates the pelvis and will change the way you view & interact with your pelvic region forever.

Our pelvis and pelvic floor is not dangerous, nor is it dirty. It is has been highly stigmatized part of our bodies. In this deep 4hr dive together, we will rediscover the true nature of this creative quantum computer, begin the release of our deep lines of fascia that will allow better breathing and more oxytocin flow in your body and rekindle a beautiful relationship with the playful and innocent nature of our pelvis and pelvic floors.

Whats included in this masterclass:

-4 hrs call

-Pre-recorded lecture

-Pre-recorded somatic exploration meditation focused on the pelvic floor & pelvis


-Pre call introduction to TVM, Somatics and other key terms

-Special discount to further your TVM education in the online training portal

Who’s is this for?

-Dedicated individuals committed to deeper embodiment & healing

-Somatic therapists looking to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the psychology of the pelvis and pelvic floor

-Anyone desiring healing from any traumas that are related to the pelvic floor and pelvis

Maj Zachari will be leading this masterclass training. 

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