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Trauma Informed Nervous System Regulation TINSR Program

Trauma Informed Nervous System Regulation Consultancy For Businesses & Organizations

Welcome to our Trauma-Informed Consultancy & Training for Organizations! We are dedicated to equipping professionals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to create safe and nourishing environments and increasing productivity and sales at the same time.

Work Place

Why Invest In Your Organizations Nervous System?

Research keeps pouring in around the direct link between a happy and regulated nervous system means an increase of sales and productivity by up to 40%. This is incentive enough to invest in your team members and your businesses' organizational nervous system health. We help you create trauma informed spaces that are conducive to optimizing innovative energy and redirecting that towards your organizational growth and productivity. 

Collective Nervous System

Neuroscience today, shows the impact our nervous systems have on one another, and this means investing in the entire team is investing in the health of your profit & growth.

Welcome to our Trauma-Informed Training for Organizations! We are dedicated to equipping professionals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to create safe and healing environments for individuals who have experienced trauma.

Our comprehensive training program offers organizations the opportunity to become accredited as trauma-informed. By participating in this training, you will gain a deep understanding of trauma and its impact, the importance of group nervous regulation, along with practical strategies to integrate intelligent, nervous system synergetic and trauma-informed principles into your organization's practices, policies, and culture.

Why Trauma-Informed Organizational Care Matters


Trauma affects millions of individuals worldwide, often leading to long-lasting physical, emotional, and psychological consequences. By adopting trauma-informed approaches, organizations can create environments that promote healing, resilience, and empowerment for those they serve. This training will guide you in understanding trauma's complexities and provide you with the tools to create impactful change within your organization.

Key Training Components:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Our expert trainers will deliver a robust curriculum that covers the fundamentals of trauma, the neurobiology of trauma, trauma-informed principles, and strategies for implementing trauma-informed care across all levels of your organization.

  2. Practical Application: The training goes beyond theory by providing practical guidance on incorporating trauma-informed practices into your organization's daily operations. You will learn how to assess your organization's current practices, identify areas for improvement, and develop trauma-informed policies and procedures.​

  3. Staff Training: The training will equip your staff with the necessary skills to recognize and respond to individuals who have experienced trauma. This includes effective communication techniques, establishing safe boundaries, and creating a culture of inclusion, empathy and compassion.

  4. Organizational Transformation: Our program focuses on systemic change. We will guide you in developing trauma-informed leadership, fostering a trauma-informed organizational culture, and establishing collaborations and partnerships with relevant stakeholders in your community.

  5. Accreditation: Upon successful completion of the training, your organization will receive accreditation as a trauma-informed. This recognition demonstrates your commitment to providing trauma-informed services and differentiates your organization as a leader in the field.

Take the next step towards transforming your organization into a trauma-informed consultancy. Our training provides the expertise, guidance, and tools you need to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by trauma. Together, let's create environments that promote healing, resilience, and growth.

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